Introduction to the BH620 V2


The BH620 V2 is a new-generation full-height server blade of Huawei's E6000 series products. It supports up to two CPUs and four hard disks, providing powerful performance, high energy efficiency, and large storage capacity. The BH620 V2 meets telecom, enterprise, and Internet service requirements and is widely used in virtualization and high-performance computing fields.
The BH620 V2 blades are installed in the E6000 server chassis and managed by the management modules in a centralized manner.

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Differences between the RH2288 V2, RH2288H V2, and RH2288E
The four NICs of the RH2288 V2 are GE NICs on the mainboard while the NICs of the RH2288H V2 are flexible NICs. The number of PCIe slots on riser cards is also different. The RH2288E V2 supports holding guide rails for installation. For details, see their respective user guide.

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