How do I configure the egress router of an Internet bar to solve the offline problem of online game users


The router functions as the egress router of an Internet bar and uses the typical configuration. However, web pages are displayed at a low rate and users often go offline when playing online games. How do I solve this problem?

1. Run the tcp adjust-mss 1024 command on the inbound and outbound interfaces of the router.
2. Run the firewall-nat session { tcp | udp } aging-time time-value command to properly increase the timeout intervals of the TCP connection and UDP connection.
You can perform the preceding operations to significantly improve the Internet access performance.

Other related questions:
I cannot log in to the AR router. How is this problem solved
1. By default, a user cannot log in to the AR router. You need to run the authentication-mode command in the VTY view to set the authentication mode. 2. To obtain more operation rights, run the user privilege level command in the VTY view to set the user level. 3. To enable the system to disconnect a user from the VTY interface when the timeout period expires, run the idle-timeout command in the VTY view to set the timeout period.

How do I force an online user to go offline

You can run the free user-interface { ui-number | ui-type ui-number1 } command to remove a user from a specified user interface, that is, disconnect the user from the device.

This command does not take effect for the current user. For example, if the user interface of the current user is VTY 2, the free user-interface vty 2 command does not take effect and the system displays an error message.

<Huawei> free user-interface 0
Warning: User interface Console1 will be freed. Continue? [Y/N]:y

Public address cannot be pinged when NAT is configured on the device as the egress gateway. How do I solve the problem
After outbound NAT is configured, run the ip soft-forward enhance enable command to enable the enhanced IP forwarding function before running the ping -a source-ip-address host command. The device then does not translate private source addresses into public addresses when sending packets.

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