Server lifecycle


To obtain lifecycle information about V2 servers, visit

To obtain lifecycle information about V3 servers, visit

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How do I configure and check the aging time of the NAT session table on the AR router
The firewall-nat session aging-time command on the Huawei AR router sets the aging time of session entries. The display nat session all command displays the NAT session table. The reset nat session all command deletes NAT mapping entries. For example: Set the aging time of FTP session entries to 60 seconds. [Huawei] firewall-nat session ftp aging-time 60

Server functions
A server is a device providing computing services. Servers respond to and process service requests and are capable of bearing and providing services. A server consists of processors, hard disks, DIMMS, and system buses. Servers are required to provide reliable services and therefore feature high processing capability, stability, reliability, security, and scalability, and are easy to manage.

Server fault
If your server is fault, contact Huawei technical support via http: //

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