Server upgrade


Upgrade server firmware such as the BMC and BIOS:
1. Find the latest product version in the software package release directory: Server version release address
2. Download the software package to be upgraded in the Version and Patch Software area. Download the upgrade guide in the Documentation area. Then upgrade the server according to instructions on the upgrade guide.

Note: Certain upgrade operations involve server restart. Before you perform such upgrade operations, confirm whether the server can be restarted.

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Rack server upgrade
For details about how to upgrade rack servers, see:

Whether hardware configuration can be modified for servers
Server components that are in the compatibility list support hardware upgrade and configuration modification.

How do I upgrade the SMC2.0?
The SMC2.0 must be upgraded using the method matching the environment where the SMC2.0 is deployed. For details, visit, search for SMC2.0, and download the upgrade guide of the required version.

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