Setting the server power-on policy


You can use either of the following methods to configure the server power-on policy:
? iMana WebUI:
? iBMC WebUI:

In addition, you can also configure the policy in the BIOS. For details, see the BIOS Parameter Reference.

Other related questions:
Setting power-on password for a server
For example, to set the server power-on password on the Romley BIOS, perform the following steps: 1. On the BIOS, choose Security, and set supervisor password (BIOS password). 2. Set Power on Password to Enabled. When the server is powered on, you need to enter the power-on password. The power-on password is the same as the BIOS password. For details about the operations on the BIOS of other platforms, see the related BIOS parameter reference.

Time and time zone policy of the server BMC
The default time zone of iMana/iBMC is the GMT time zone. The time zone and time synchronization policy is as follows: iMana and iBMC of rack servers synchronize time with the BIOS every minute but does not synchronize the time zone. Therefore, if the iMana/iBMC time is different from the OS time, the difference is caused by different time zone settings. iMana/iBMC of blade servers (E9000 and E6000) synchronize time with the management module every hour. The management module supports NTP settings for time synchronization.

Powering on a rack server
If the PSUs are installed properly in a rack server but not powered on yet, power on the PSUs. The server will power on with the PSUs. If the PSUs are powered on and the rack server is on standby, you can power on the server using any of the following methods: -Press the power button on the front panel of the server. -Log in to the iBMC CLI, and run the ipmcset -d powerstate -v 1 command. -Log in to the iBMC WebUI, choose Power > Power Control, and click the Power On button.

Setting boot order for a server
You can set the server boot mode using any of the following methods: Method 1: 1) During the server startup process, press F11 to enter Boot Manager. 2) On the Boot page, set the boot device. For example, select HUAWEI DVD-ROM VM 1.1.0 to enable the server to boot from the DVD-ROM drive. Method 2: Set the boot device on the iBMC WebUI. Method 3: Set the boot order on the BIOS. For details, see the BIOS parameter reference. The Romley Platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to V2 servers. Click Link to download it. The Brickland Platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to 4- and 8-socket V3 servers. Click Link to download it. The Grantley platform BIOS Parameter Reference applies to 2-socket V3 servers. Click Link to download it. The boot setting configured using methods 1 and 2 takes effect only once. When the server restarts, the boot device set on the BIOS (using method 3) will take effect.

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