Methods used to monitor server hardware


You can use eSight to monitor server hardware. For details, see:

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What are the parameter requirements for installing a standalone SC server?
Currently, standalone SC hardware with strong binding relationships can be deployed only on the RH2285 V2.

Method used to enable non-intrusive monitoring using commands
You can use the cfg-set-nomodeen command to query whether non-intrusive monitoring is enabled, and use the cfg-set-nomodeen command to set non-intrusive monitoring.

Method used to set the wavelength to be monitored by the MCA board
In the NE Explorer, click the desired MCA board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface from the navigation tree. In the pane on the right, click By Board/Port(Channel), and select Monitor Wavelength from the drop-down list.

Methods used to power on or power off FusionAccess hardware devices
When you power on or power off FusionAccess hardware devices, you must follow the sequence specified in the product manual or the system may become faulty. First confirm your product version and then you can obtain its documentation in the following ways: 1. Refer to the "System Management" section in FusionCloud Desktop Solution Documentation. You can obtain this documentation at . 2. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 3. Post your request on Huawei's cloud computing forum ( 4. Contact Huawei technical support by dialing the 400 hotline.

Method used to monitor the performance of OceanStor V3 storage systems
You can use the performance analysis tool SystemReporter to monitor storage system performance. For details, see Monitoring Tools .

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