How do I query IP traffic on an AR


The display ip statistics command displays the IP traffic statistics. Generally, you can run this command to check statistics on sent and received packets during service diagnosis.
To monitor specific service packets, for example, to implement accounting, network monitoring, and user monitoring based on statistics analysis of network service traffic, configure the NetStream function. To obtain classified IP packet statistics by service data flows, for example, to obtain IP packet statistics of a specific user, configure the IP accounting function.

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Can the volume of traffic from each IP address be queried on an AR
AR routers cannot display the traffic size of each IP address.

Can traffic from the terminal's IP address be queried on an AR
You cannot check traffic information by the terminal IP address on an AR router.

How do I query the ESN of an AR
The Equipment Serial Number (ESN) of an AR is unique. When applying for a license, provide the ESN of the AR. You can run the display esn command on the AR to check the ESN.

How do I query the MIB of an AR router?
The MIB can be queried through the following Web site:

How is the IP address of an AR queried
Use either of the following methods to view the IP address of a device: - Run the display ip interface brief command to view the IP address information of a device interface, including the IP address, subnet mask, as well as the status of physical link and protocol. - Run the display ip interface command to view detailed information about the number of sent or received packets, bytes, and multicast packets, as well as the number of sent, received, forwarded, and discarded broadcast packets. - Enter the specific interface view and run the display this command to view the IP address of the interface.

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