Users can open QQ but cannot access the Internet


Q: Users can open QQ but cannot access the Internet

A: Check whether the DNS configuration on the PC is correctly configured. Check whether the configuration is improved using the public DNS or Contact the carrier for further analysis if there is no improvement.
The causes are as follows:
The main difference between the Internet access and QQ is that the DNS resolution is the first step to access a web page, while QQ does not require resolution. Therefore, the rate of the DNS returned packets determines failed or slow Internet access. If QQ can run normally, the link is available. The problem may exist in DNS if the web page is not displayed.

Other related questions:
An AR router cannot access the Internet
1. Confirm whether the line provided by the vendor works properly. 2. Check the following configurations of the AR router: - Whether NAT is configured. - Whether valid routes are configured. - Whether DNS address resolution is configured. - Whether Internet access control is performed.

Configuring users in a way that they can access only the HQ intranet through a private line but not the Internet on the USG2000 and USG5000 series
Configure a security policy to permit access to the desired destination network segment and block all others.

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