What's Voltages Requirements of an AC-powered server and power equipment


For an AC-powered server, the voltage fluctuates from -10% of the rated voltage to 5% of the rated voltage.

For AC-powered power equipment and important buildings, the voltage fluctuates from -15% of the rated voltage to 10% of the rated voltage.

The AC frequency fluctuates from -4% to 4%. The sinusoidal distortion rate of the voltage waveform is smaller than or equal to 5%.

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What's the power cable Requirements for AC/DC power distribution
The conductor in the neutral wire must have the same cross-sectional area as the conductor in the live wire. The DC power feeder should be selected based on the long-term load. If the cross-sectional area exceeds 95 mm2, a hard bus cable should be used. If there is a great difference between the short-term load and the long-term load, cables can be routed by stage. AC/DC conducting wires should be flame-retardant and be routed according to the Code for fire protection design of tall buildings (GB50045-95). Low voltage power distribution rooms should be designed and configured according to the Code for low voltage distribution and circuit design (GBJ54-83).

What are the power and detection voltage of an RPS
The output power of an RPS is 150 W. The output voltage of an RPS is 12 V. When the RPS connected to an AR router detects that the output voltage of the SRU's 12 V power supply is lower than 11.4 V, the RPS triggers the voltage comparator and starts to supply power to the AR router.

Are there any requirements of CE switches' power modules on input voltage fluctuation
Power modules used on CE series switches are independent of each other. You only need to ensure that the input voltage of each power module fluctuates within the specified range and do not need to care about differences in the voltage phases or amplitudes of different power modules.

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