Setting auto-start for a server


On the iMana or iBMC WebUI, you can enable a server to start automatically after the PSUs are powered.

For V2 servers, see

For V3 servers, see

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Which command is used to set the auto-dial interval

The dialer timer autodial seconds command is used to set the auto-dial interval.

seconds specifies the auto-dial interval. The value is an integer that ranges from 1 to 604800, in seconds. By default, the auto-dial interval is 300 seconds.
Before using the dialer timer autodial seconds command, ensure that the C-DCC function has been enabled by the dialer enable-circular command.

Powering on a rack server
If the PSUs are installed properly in a rack server but not powered on yet, power on the PSUs. The server will power on with the PSUs. If the PSUs are powered on and the rack server is on standby, you can power on the server using any of the following methods: -Press the power button on the front panel of the server. -Log in to the iBMC CLI, and run the ipmcset -d powerstate -v 1 command. -Log in to the iBMC WebUI, choose Power > Power Control, and click the Power On button.

Restore factory settings of the S1700
Restore factory settings of the S1700 using either of the following methods: 1. Hold down the Reset button. When you hold down the Reset button for more than 5s, the switch restarts and restores the factory settings. (If you forget the changed management IP address or password of a switch, you can hold down the Reset button to restore factory settings of the switch.) 2. Restore the factory settings through the web. a. Choose System Management > Reset Factory. b. Click Reset Factory. c. Click Apply.

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