Compatibility between E9000 switch modules and subcards of blades


For details about the mapping between the E9000 switch modules and the mezzanine cards of the blades, see

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E9000 networking assistant
The E9000 Server Mezz Card-Switch Module Networking Assistant rapidly determines the mapping between mezzanine card ports and switch module ports of an E9000 server, increasing networking efficiency. You can obtain the tool at: E9000 networking assistant

Default user name and password of the E9000 BMC
The iMana or iBMC of the E9000 blade is not configured with a default IP address. The default user name and password are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$

E6000 network port mapping
The on-board NICs of an E6000 are connected to switching planes A1 and A2. The E6000 provides two mezzanine slots (MEZZ 1 and MEZZ 2) for port expansion. The card in MEZZ 1 communicates with B1 and B2 switch modules, and the card in MEZZ 2 communicates with C1 and C2 switch modules.

E9000 mezzanine cards
Mezzanine cards are installed on E9000 compute nodes and communicate with the switch modules through the midplane. The E9000 server supports the following mezzanine card models: ? MZ110: 4-port GE card ? MZ111: 4-port GE dual-chip card, applicable only to CH140s ? MZ311: 4-port 10GE RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) dual-chip card ? MZ510: 2-port 10GE CNA ? MZ512: 4-port 10GE CNA ? MZ610: 2-port IB Quad Data Rate (QDR) card ? MZ611: 2-port IB Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) card ? MZ612: 2-port IB FDR card, applicable only to CX610 and CX611 switch modules and the CH140 compute nodes. ? MZ613: 2-port IB QDR dual-chip card, applicable only to the CX610 and CX611 switch modules and CH140s ? MZ910: a card that provides two 10GE ports and two 10GE FCoE ports or two 10GE ports and two 8G FC ports. For more information, enter the mezzanine card model, for example, MZ110, to obtain detailed information.

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