Query hard disk SN of a server


The hard disk serial number (SN) starts from 2102. You can obtain SN information from the SN label on the hard disk case.

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Hard disk capacity of servers
For details about the hard disk types and capacities, see the server compatibility list.

What is the method for querying the SN of the VCN3000 server?
Step 1 Log in to the VCN3000 server as the root user. Step 2 Run the dmidecode command. The following information is displayed: (In the following information, 210235G7GV10E5000150 is the SN of the VCN3000 server.) Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Product Name: VCN3000 Version: STG21630 Serial Number: 210235G7GV10E5000150 UUID: 78563412-3412-7856-90AB-CDDEEFAABBCC Wake-up Type: Power Switch SKU Number: To Be filled By OEM Family: Server

Checking server hard disk status
You can use any of the following methods to check hard disk status: 1. Check each hard disk status indicator. 2. Check hard disk status on the iMana WebUI. 3. Check hard disk status in the Configuration Utility of the RAID controller card.

How can I plan hard disks for the SMC2.0 server?
The hard disk plan on the SMC2.0 server varies according to the installation mode. When the common SMC2.0 installation mode is used, there are two 300 GB hard disks. For details, log in to http://support.huawei.com/enterprise, search for SMC2.0, download the product documentation, and choose Installation in the product documentation.

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