If devices are added through SNMP V3, alarms cannot be reported after a switchover.What is the possible causes?


After an active and standby board switchover, device power-on or power-off, or device restart,device engine IDs change, and alarms cannot be reported.

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Possible cause of the BUS_ERR alarm reported after WDM equipment is upgraded
If the service mode is incorrectly configured for some boards such as NS2 and TDX, a BUS_ERR alarm will be reported after the upgrade is complete. When a BUS_ERR alarm is reported, verify the line mode.

How to handle the failure in reporting SNMP v3?
Step 1 Run the following command to restart the Nagios service: # service nagios restart The following information indicates that the Nagios service has restarted: Stopping nagios: done. Starting nagios: done.

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