What is the possible causes that there is no host status information is displayed on the Nagios home page?


Possible Causes: The value of use_authentication in the /usr/local/nagios/etc/cgi.cfg configuration file is 1.

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How to handle the problem that no host status information is displayed on the Nagios home page?
Procedure Step 1 Change the value of use_authentication. 1. Open the cgi.cfg file in /usr/local/nagios/etc. 2. Find use_authentication. 3. Change the value of use_authentication to 0. Step 2 Run the service nagios restart command to restart the Nagios server. After the restart, host status information is correctly displayed on the Nagios home page,

In FusionInsight,What is the possible cause for ALM-12027 Host PID Usage Exceeds the Threshold
1.Too many processes are running on the node. You need to increase the value of pid_max. 2.The system is abnormal.

Possible causes of an OSNR decrease
The possible causes are as follows: Possible cause 1: Any fiber pigtail in a multiplexing part or the optical cable degrades or is physically damaged. As a result, the attenuation of the fiber increases, and the receive optical power decline causes an OSNR decrease. Possible cause 2: The OA board gain at the local or peer site is decreased.

Possible causes and handling measures if no wavelength information is displayed in the spectrum analysis data queried using the OMCA, MCA4, or MCA8 board
Possible causes are as follows: 1. The physical fiber connections of the OMCA, MCA4, or MCA8 board are different from logical fiber connections. If this occurs, verify the physical fiber connections. 2. The optical path is abnormal. If this occurs, check whether the optical path is set up. For example, check whether optical cross-connections are created, physical fiber connections are correct, or the laser on the OA board is properly turned on.

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