Deleting the BMC data folder by mistake


Copy the same folder from another server.
If the folder is still not restored, log in to the BMC through the serial port and upgrade the BMC. Contact Huawei technical support for assistance if required.

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Why Cannot a User with the Folder Deletion Permission Only Delete a Non-Empty Folder from the Virtual Web Disk?
If a user wants to delete a non-empty folder from the virtual web disk, it needs to delete files in the folder before deleting the folder. If the user only has the permission to delete folders, it cannot delete a folder containing files. If you want to enable a user to delete non-empty folders, allocate the file deletion permission to the user.

Processing policies of the system when the folder that stores the backup data of eBackup management data has the same name as another folder
If the name of the folder that stores backup data of eBackup management data is the same as another folder, the system has two processing policies: 1. Add the backup data of the management data to the folder with the same name. 2. If a folder with the same name exists, the storage configuration of the management data backup fails. In this case, change the file name until the file name is unique. Select an application type based on onsite requirements.

In which folders is FusionInsight HD backup data saved?
Databases and configuration files for the Manager component, user information, DBService metadata, and HDFS metadata files can be downloaded through the backup management page of FusionInsight Manager. The storage locations of HBase user service data and HDFS user service data are user-defined.

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