Failed to log in to the web interface of the management port.


If the BMC web interface is not displayed after you enter "http: //BMC IP address" in the address box, try "https: //BMC IP".

Other related questions:
Failed to log in to the web management system of the IAD
To rectify the fault when you fail to log in to the web management system of the IAD, perform the following steps: Step 1 Verify that the IP address is reachable and that there is no firewall between the PC and the IAD. Step 2 Ensure that the IAD version is V300R001C07 or later. In versions earlier than V300R001C07, web access is not supported excluding IAD 208E V300R001C03. Step 3 Run the system soft-parameter http-switch on command to enable web access. The IAD104H supports this command.

Failed to log in to the U1960 web management system
The solution is as follows: 1. Ensure that the HTTP function of the U1960 is enabled. If not, run the config http switch on command to enable it. 2. Upload the following four files to the U1960 using TFTP: webfile, webrootcrt, websrvcrt, and websrvkey.

The TE40 web interface is inaccessible.
If the login to the TE40 web interface fails, check whether the browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Chrome. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 is recommended. For details, see section 2.1 Understanding the Web Interface in the TE30&TE40&TE50&TE60&TX50 Videoconferencing Endpoint Administrator Guide.

How can I successfully log in to the web interface of the SMC2.0?
To successfully log in to the web interface after SMC2.0 installation, perform the following operations: 1. Log in to Huawei Enterprise Technical Support Website. 2. Search for SMC2.0. 3. Select the version number to obtain the product documentation. 4. Check the corresponding quick start in the product documentation.

What should I do if I failed to log in to the web interface of a ViewPoint 8000 series MCU or failed to log in through Telnet?
The latest MCU version is security-hardened, in which Telnet is disabled by default. You can log in only through the SSH2 protocol. However, you can enable Telnet login by running the following commands: system-view [MCU8650C]telnet-config [MCU8650C-Telnet]enable-security-mode - enable-security-mode[1: Enable,0:Disable,default:1] Select 0 to enable Telnet login. Run the save and reboot commands to save the setting and restart the MCU for the setting to take effect. You can use HTTP or HTTPS to log in to the MCU web interface. The default user name for web interface login is admin, and the default password is admin or Change_Me. If the default password has been changed, run the following command to reset the password: [MCU8650C]reset-web-admin Note: If the login still fails, refresh the MCU software version. If the login still fails after you refresh the software version, check your browser settings. If a proxy has been configured, disable the proxy: Choose Tool > Internet Options > Connection > LAN Settings and deselect the Proxy Server.

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