BMC login failure


If login to iMana (BMC) fails, do as follows:
1. If the system indicates that the user is locked out, wait 5 to 11 minutes. The user will be automatically unlocked.
2. If the login page cannot be displayed, try to log in by entering "https: //IP address" rather than "http: //IP address" in the address box.
3. If you forget the password, reset the BMC password and try again.
4. Check that your browser and Java versions meet requirements.

Other related questions:
Number of concurrent server BMC connections
The WebUI of server iBMC or iMana supports a maximum of four concurrent logins. The CLI supports a maximum of five concurrent logins.

Failed to log in to the web management system of the IAD
To rectify the fault when you fail to log in to the web management system of the IAD, perform the following steps: Step 1 Verify that the IP address is reachable and that there is no firewall between the PC and the IAD. Step 2 Ensure that the IAD version is V300R001C07 or later. In versions earlier than V300R001C07, web access is not supported excluding IAD 208E V300R001C03. Step 3 Run the system soft-parameter http-switch on command to enable web access. The IAD104H supports this command.

Revelations of troubleshooting-SSH login failure
If logging to the SSH server through STelnet fails, check the following configuration: 1. Check whether the SSH service is enabled on the SSH server. 2. Check whether the access protocol is correctly configured in the VTY user interface view. 3. Check whether an RSA public key is configured on the SSH server. 4. Check whether an SSH user is configured on the SSH server. 5. Check whether the number of login users on the SSH server reaches the upper limit. 6. Check whether an ACL is bound to the VTY user interface of the SSH server. 7. Check the SSH version on the SSH client and server. 8. Check whether first-time authentication is enabled on the SSH client.

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