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Huawei server certifications
Visit this website to learn more about Huawei server pre-sales certification:!showCertificate?lang=en&pbiPath=term1000034107&id=Node1000006178 Visit this website to learn more about Huawei server after-sales certification:!showCertificate?lang=en&pbiPath=term1000025455&id=Node1000007183

Huawei server architecture
Commercial servers generally are based on the following architectures: Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP), Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), and Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) Huawei series servers (RHxxx, E6000, E9000, and X6000) uses the SMP.

License for Huawei servers
Huawei general servers are not license-controlled. The FC switch modules of Huawei blade servers are license-controlled.

Whether Huawei provides tower servers
Huawei does not provide tower servers.

Server models
Huawei provides rack servers, blade servers, high-density, and mission-critical servers. For details about the server models, see http: //

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