Server memory configuration assistant


Huawei Server DIMM Configuration Assistant helps you rapidly determine the DIMM installation sequence based on the server model and number of CPUs and DIMMS configured in the server. You can obtain this tool at:
DIMM Configuration Assistant

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E9000 switch module configuration assistant
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Whether hardware configuration can be modified for servers
Server components that are in the compatibility list support hardware upgrade and configuration modification.

E9000 networking assistant
The E9000 Server Mezz Card-Switch Module Networking Assistant rapidly determines the mapping between mezzanine card ports and switch module ports of an E9000 server, increasing networking efficiency. You can obtain the tool at: E9000 networking assistant

Function of WLAN upgrade assistant package
An upgrade assistant package is used when a Fat AP is switched to a Fit AP, and applies only to versions earlier than V200R003C02. You can download the upgrade assistant package in the specified software version.

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