Impact on the system if the RAID0 drive is removed


A RAID 0 array stores data on multiple hard drives, which allows data requests to be concurrently processed on the hard drives. However, RAID 0 provides no redundancy or fault tolerance. The failure or removal of one drive will cause the entire array to fail.

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Data on the disk is inaccessible, and the system cannot operate properly.

Whether services are affected if an OSN 8800 fan board is removed
Removing the fan board from the subrack will sharply increase the temperature inside the subrack, adversely affecting stable equipment running. Services may be affected and even equipment may be damaged.

Impact of removing and installing hard disks without powering off the server
1. LSISAS2208 RAID controller card: If no hot spare disk is configured, the RAID controller card can rebuild data on a new hard disk installed online to replace a faulty hard disk. (The new hard disk must be of the same specifications as the faulty hard disk.) However, if you remove and reinstall a hard disk that is not faulty, the LSISAS2208 RAID controller cannot identify the data on the hard disk. 2. LSISAS2308 RAID controller card: If you remove and install a hard disk without stopping services, the LSISAS2308 RAID controller card can identify data on the hard disk no matter whether the hard disk is new or not.

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