Method of viewing RAID configurations online


To view the RAID configurations online, install the MegaRAID software on the server.
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Adding a disk to a RAID array
You can add a disk to a RAID array as follows: 1. If the LSISAS2208 or LSISAS3108 RAID controller card is used, you can add a new disk to a RAID array online. For details about how to expand the virtual disk (VD) capacity online, see HUAWEI Server RAID Controller Card User Guide 09. 2. If the LSISAS2308 or LSISAS3008 RAID controller card is used, you cannot add a disk to a RAID array through online capacity expansion and cannot expand the VD capacity online. 3. If softRAID is used, you cannot add a disk to a RAID array online or expand the VD capacity online.

Method used to view an online L2TP user on the USG2000 and USG5000
The method used to view an online L2TP user on the USG2000 and USG5000 is as follows: You can run the display access-user command to view an online user. HRP_M[Slave-aaa] display access-user Total users : 1 Wait authen-ack : 0 Authentication success : 1 Accounting ready : 1 Accounting state : 0 Wait leaving-flow-query : 0 Wait accounting-start : 0 Wait accounting-stop : 0 Wait authorization-client : 0 Wait authorization-server : 0 Domain-name Online-user default : 1 The used CID table are : 0 To view specific user information, run the display access-user [ domain domain-name | ip-address ip-address | mac-address mac-address | user-id user-id | user-name user-name] command: HRP_M[Slave-aaa] display access-user user-id 0 User access index : 0 State : Used User name : jtq User access VLAN/PVC : 0 User MAC : ffff-ffff-ffff User IP address : User access type : PPP User authentication type : PPP authentication Current authen method : Local authentication Authen result : Success Current author method : Local authorization Author result : Success Action flag : Idle Authen state : Authed Author state : Idle Accounting method : No accounting Accounting start time : 2008-03-15 06:09:39 Accounting state : Ready ACL-number : 255 Priority : - Up CAR enable : NO Up average rate : 0(bps) Up peak rate : 0(bps) Down CAR enable : NO Down average rate : 0(bps) Down peak rate : 0(bps) Up packets number(high,low) : (0,771) Up bytes number(high,low) : (0,42360) Down packets number(high,low) : (0,761) Down bytes number(high,low) : (0,42616)

Whether the RAID level can be changed
One RAID level cannot be changed to the other level online.

Server RAID array adjustment policies
The RAID array adjustment policies are as follows: ? For 2208 RIAD card, RAID level can be changed, and the available VD space can be expanded. ? For 3108 RAID card, only the available VD space can be expanded. The RAID level cannot be changed. ? For 2308 and 3008 RAID cards, RAID level and available VD space cannot be changed. For details, see|9856522|21782478|19955021|21746286.

Methods used to adjust VM configurations online
VM CPU and memory specifications can be modified online, but any changes will only take effect after a restart. Virtual disks (only data disks, this does not include system disks) can be mounted to or unmounted from a VM in offline mode. Virtual NICs can also be added or removed to increase or decrease a VM's number of NICs. This feature satisfies user requirements for multi-NICs.

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