Port types of Huawei server NICs


GE NICs configured for Huawei servers provide electrical ports only; 10GE NICs configured for Huawei V2 rack servers provide optical ports only; Huawei V3 rack servers support 10GE electrical ports and optical ports.

Other related questions:
Bonding of the server NIC
For details about the NIC bonding operations, see "NIC Bonding" in Service Maintenance Manual.

Querying server NIC model
After installing the OS, query vendor id and device id on the OS. Then, visit https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/ and query the NIC model.

Replacement of onboard NIC
The on-board NICs of certain servers, such as RH2285 V2 and RH2288 V2, are integrated on the mainboard. If you want to replace the on-board NIC, you must replace the mainboard. The on-board NICs of certain servers, such as all V3 servers, RH2285H V2, RH2288H V2, RH5885 V2, and E9000, can be replaced independently. For details, see the user guide of your server model.

Types of Huawei antennas
Indoor antenna: - Indoor omnidirectional/directional ceiling-mounted antenna - Indoor directional antenna - Indoor SMA antenna Outdoor antenna: - 2.4G&5G outdoor omnidirectional antenna - 2.4G&5G outdoor directional antenna - Outdoor backhaul antenna

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