Whether rack servers provide remote control cards


Huawei rack servers support remote control by using BMC chips but do not provide remote control cards.

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Whether Huawei servers provide LCDs
LCDs can be installed on the RH2288H V3, RH5885 V3, RH5885H V3, and RH8100 V3 rack servers. However, LCDs are not included in the standard configuration.

Querying the server RAID controller card model
Log in to iMana and query the board ID. Then, find the RAID controller model based on the board ID at http: //support.huawei.com/ecommunity/bbs/10239808.html

Whether HBAs are included in the standard configuration of Huawei servers
HBAs are optional components. Huawei rack servers provide PCIe slots for installing HBA cards, and blade servers support HBA mezz cards. If you want to purchase HBA cards, contact the sales personnel in the local office or query the compatibility list.

Installation positions of the riser cards in a rack server
A rack server can be configured with only one riser card. For details about the installation position, see "Mainboard Layout" in the user guide of the server you use. Generally, the riser card must be installed in the PCIe slot blow the socket for CPU1.

Whether replacing server RAID controller cards affects services
Power off the server before you replace a RAID controller card. RAID controller card information consists of two parts: one part stored in the RAID controller card, and the other part stored on disks. After RAID controller card replacement, the system only needs to re-read RAID information from disks, and services and data are not affected.

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