Whether hard disk trays are universally applicable


Hard disk trays are universally applicable.

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Why the number of hard disks scanned by the application server is a multiple of the number of hard disks mapped to the application server?
The multipathing software is not installed. If the multipathing software is not installed, the OS cannot determine whether the LUNs scanned from several physical paths are the same LUN, and assumes them as different LUNs; therefore, multiple mock disks appear on the AS. If the multipathing software is installed, it can determine whether the LUNs in different sessions are the same LUN by analyzing the world wide name (WWN) of each LUN, and eliminates the mock disks. In this way, the number of hard disks scanned by the AS is the number of LUNs actually mapped to the AS. You can obtain the installer of the multipathing software from the delivery-attached CD-ROM and install the program according to the actual OS.

Whether the USG6650 hard disk has a hard disk card
The USG6650 supports two types of hard disks, namely, SM-HDD-SAS300G-A and SM-HDD-SAS300G-B. Model A uses the tray of the device, and model B has its own tray.

Whether TE50 and ViewPoint 9039S are universal
A TE50 can be used with a ViewPoint 9039S of mapping versions.

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