Whether Huawei servers provide LCDs


LCDs can be installed on the RH2288H V3, RH5885 V3, RH5885H V3, and RH8100 V3 rack servers. However, LCDs are not included in the standard configuration.

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Whether Huawei provides tower servers
Huawei does not provide tower servers.

Whether Huawei servers provide DVD drives
Huawei rack servers support built-in DVD drives, but DVD drives are not included in the standard configuration.

Server models
Huawei provides rack servers, blade servers, high-density, and mission-critical servers. For details about the server models, see http: //e.huawei.com/uk/products/cloud-computing-dc/servers.

Whether rack servers provide remote control cards
Huawei rack servers support remote control by using BMC chips but do not provide remote control cards.

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