Whether HBAs are included in the standard configuration of Huawei servers


HBAs are optional components. Huawei rack servers provide PCIe slots for installing HBA cards, and blade servers support HBA mezz cards. If you want to purchase HBA cards, contact the sales personnel in the local office or query the compatibility list.

Other related questions:
Whether FusionCompute includes the FC HBA driver
For non-Huawei storage devices, the FC HBA driver provided by Linux is used. For Huawei storage devices, the FC HBA driver is delivered with FusionCompute.

Whether Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution includes VM OS licenses
No. VM OS licenses must be purchased separately by users.

Whether Huawei servers provide LCDs
LCDs can be installed on the RH2288H V3, RH5885 V3, RH5885H V3, and RH8100 V3 rack servers. However, LCDs are not included in the standard configuration.

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