License for Huawei servers


Huawei general servers are not license-controlled. The FC switch modules of Huawei blade servers are license-controlled.

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Whether FusionAccess licenses contain Huawei FusionSphere licenses
FusionAccess licenses contain Huawei FusionSphere licenses. The R5 FusionAccess software gifts the same number of FusionSphere (or FusionCube) licenses. The gifted virtualization licenses can be used only in FusionAccess scenarios. Extra licenses cannot be used in other scenarios such as server virtualization. If a project involves both FusionAccess and virtualization scenarios, you are advised to configure FusionSphere licenses in the BOQ.

Huawei server certifications
Visit this website to learn more about Huawei server pre-sales certification:!showCertificate?lang=en&pbiPath=term1000034107&id=Node1000006178 Visit this website to learn more about Huawei server after-sales certification:!showCertificate?lang=en&pbiPath=term1000025455&id=Node1000007183

Huawei server architecture
Commercial servers generally are based on the following architectures: Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP), Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), and Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) Huawei series servers (RHxxx, E6000, E9000, and X6000) uses the SMP.

Whether Huawei provides tower servers
Huawei does not provide tower servers.

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