Impact of power failure on server data


Data on the RAID controller cards and hard disks will not be lost if a server is powered off unexpectedly. However, if the power cannot be resorted within 72 hours, data stored on the RAID controller card may be lost.

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Impact of a coin battery failure in S5500T
The impact of a coin battery failure in S5500T is as follows: The system clock may be lost after the system is powered off, which affects time related functions and does not affect basic services.

Impact of removing and installing hard disks without powering off the server
1. LSISAS2208 RAID controller card: If no hot spare disk is configured, the RAID controller card can rebuild data on a new hard disk installed online to replace a faulty hard disk. (The new hard disk must be of the same specifications as the faulty hard disk.) However, if you remove and reinstall a hard disk that is not faulty, the LSISAS2208 RAID controller cannot identify the data on the hard disk. 2. LSISAS2308 RAID controller card: If you remove and install a hard disk without stopping services, the LSISAS2308 RAID controller card can identify data on the hard disk no matter whether the hard disk is new or not.

In FusionManager V100R005,what's the impact of the alarm"ALM-ServiceCenter.9206 Failure to Back up Data"
When the backup and restoration module fails to back up the data to the local directory, the data generated on that day is not backed up. When a backup operation fails, data of this backup is absent in the system. When the backup and restoration module fails to upload a backup file to the third-party server, the backup file will not exist in the third-party server.

Impact of resetting the server BMC
Resetting the BMC will not affect services.

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