Rules for installing PCIe cards in single-CPU configuration


If a server has only one CPU, the PCIe card must be installed only in the slot connected to CPU 1.

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What's PCIe GPU Configuration Rules
PCIe riser module 1 supports only one full-height 3/4-length, full-height half-length, or half-height half-length PCIe x16 single-slot GPU.

Method of using Huawei PCIe SSD cards
Huawei provides ES3000 PCIe SSD cards. For details on how to use this card, see the product documentation: ES3000 Documentation

What is the function of the half-height PCIe card in the RH1288 V3
The RH1288 V3 provides one standard PCIe 3.0 x16 half-height half-length slot for a standard PCIe card.

What is the function of the full-height PCIe card in the RH2288 V3
The RH2288 V3 provides one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot for a full-height half-length or full-height 3/4-lenght standard PCIe card.

What RAS feature is supported by the PCIe card in the RH1288 V3
The PCIe card in the RH1288 V3 supports the following RAS feature: PCIe advanced error reporting.

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