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Connecting your existing AD "Active Directory" to Huawei Cloud

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         Huawei Cloud Workspace service allows you to implement VDI on cloud with some simple steps! You can create an Active Directory (AD) in the cloud, or connect your existing AD to the Workspace service. To connect to an existing AD, we first need to establish a secure connection by VPN or Direct Connect. Also you need a Domain Administrator user for the AD. We assume in this guide that you have already established this connection with your VPC and you have a Domain Admin user.

        First of all we need to ensure the communication between the Huawei Cloud VPC and your office has been correctly established (try pinging an ECS in the VPC from the Customer Office).

       In this example the branch office network is and their AD Domain Controller is While the Workspace service will be deployed on the network in Huawei Cloud VPC.


If communication is correct, then we proceed to apply for Workspace service.

Applying for the Workspace service

      We need to select the AZ and VPC information here. It is recommended that the service subnet is a dedicated subnet for workspace, meaning that this is an empty subnet only for the virtual desktops to work. The management subnet is used for internal communication among desktops, and it is advised to put a mask of 16–20 to ensure sufficient IP addresses available.


   Then fill the AD information. Select Connect to an existing AD domain


      Since in this case I only have one active Domain Controller, we don’t need to put the Standby Domain Controller IP Address field, The same for the Standby DNS. My active DNS IP Address will be the same Domain Controller. Then click on the Apply Now button.


You can find the AD information on the right:


   The applying process will take 10–20 min.


      After successfully applying for Workspace service, we can start to create our cloud desktops. Take note of the Internet Access Address to log in to the Workspaces later.

Click on the Create Desktop button on the top.


     Select the AZ, specifications for the desktop and Operating System. there are two available OS, WS2008R2 with Windows 7 experience and WS2016 with Windows 10 experience.


   Specify the storage needed for the desktop and the subnet.


     Then put the user info for the desktop. The new desktop will be automatically linked to the user you put here. Remember that the user must be created previously on the domain.

     The Administrators user group have complete access to the desktop and can make any desired changes except for forbidden operations.

   Optionally you can select the Organizational Unit to create the desktop in an specific organizational unit location in your domain. For example, it/software/development.

Click on the Create Desktop button. The creation process takes 10–15min.

     Click on the Internet Access Address/Private Access Address to download the AccessClient. You may need to enter your credentials for the desktop user.


    Install the client and configure the Internet Access Address/Private Access Address.


     Press launch when the server address gets green, and login to your desktop putting your username and password:



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Great share
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Thank you  
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Amazing steps to follow
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Well done post, thanks
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A very helpful walkthrough for those who intend to do just that.
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Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this
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Amazing, thanks for sharing
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Good share
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