Configure DHCP snooping on the switch.

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To defend against network-related attacks, you can configure DHCP snooping on the switch.

You need to set up a trusted/untrusted port.

In the following networking, the port of the S9300 should be set as a trusted port.


I understand the port that is connected to Network D.

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the port of trusted pass the offer message and ACK and untrusted pass the discovery message and request
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its helpful ,but if there is some config script and description for your script its more understandable
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DHCP snooping is a layer 2 security technology that drops DHCP traffic determined to be unacceptable. The fundamental use case for DHCP snooping is to prevent unauthorized (rogue) DHCP servers offering IP addresses to DHCP clients.
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DHCP snooping is a DHCP security feature. The DHCP snooping binding table is created and maintained to filter untrusted DHCP information. This information refers to DHCP information from untrusted areas. The DHCP snooping binding table contains information such as the user MAC address, IP address, lease period, and VLAN-ID interface of the untrusted zone.
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Thanks to share , may i add the following ,
DHCP snooping ensures security of the DHCP service. Before configuring DHCP snooping functions, you need to enable DHCP snooping, You must enable DHCP snooping first in the system view, and then on an interface or in a VLAN.

After DHCP snooping is globally enabled, enable DHCP snooping on the interfaces connecting to users or, if there is a large number of user PCs in the same VLAN, enable DHCP snooping on the VLAN to which these interfaces belong.
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