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CloudEngine S series switches Naming Convention

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Often wondered what complete switch model means? To explain this, I'll explain what Huawei's new CloudEngine S series switches naming convention is:

Let's say switch's model is CloudEngine S5700EC-H48T4YC-MA. It is divided in 3 categories:

  1. Product Series (S5700EC)

  2. Port Attributes (H48T4YC)

  3. Key Features (MA)

If we further look into it's details:




Brand name (1 bit)Fixed as S
Network positioning (1 bit)
8: core switch; 6: aggregation switch; 5: access switch
Market positioning (1 bit)7: enterprise network market; 3: carrier market
Switch series (2 bits)

The leftmost one bit indicates the generation, for example, 10/20/50.

The rightmost one bit indicates the specification upgrade, for example, 01/02/03.
Industry identifier (1 or 2 bits)Null by default; EC: e-commerce model; S: channel distribution model.
Series model (1 bit)H: high-end model; S: standard model; L: lite model
Number of downlink ports (2 bits)Number of downlink ports
Downlink port type (2 bits)D: 400G; C: 100G; Q: 40G; Y: 25G; X: 10G optical; M: 10G electrical; N: 2.5G/5G electrical; S: GE optical; T: GE electrical; F: FE electrical; P: GE electrical port, supporting PoE; U: GE electrical port, supporting PoE++; UM: multi-GE port, supporting PoE++.
Number of uplink ports (1 bit)Number of uplink ports
Uplink port type (2 bits)D: 400G; C: 100G; Q: 40G; Y: 25G; X: 10GE optical; S: GE optical; T: GE electrical; TP: combo port
Card slot (1 bit)Null: Cards are not supported; C: Uplink cards are supported
Dedicated bit (1 bit)Null by default; If there is a value (for example, M or I) for this bit, the switch is a dedicated one. M indicates a switch tailored for video surveillance scenarios, and I indicates an extended-temperature switch.
Type of power supply delivered by defaultA: AC power supply; D: –48 V DC power supply; null: no power supply delivered by default.

I hope it helps and if you have any questions, you are welcome to comment and I'll try to respond.

Thank you.

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HCIE Created Apr 17, 2020 12:24:42

Useful Info
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umaryaqub Created Apr 18, 2020 12:28:12 (0) (0)
Created Apr 17, 2020 14:47:51

Thanks, i always wanted to know this.
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Created Apr 17, 2020 14:49:30

Is it same for data center switches as well?
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umaryaqub Created Apr 18, 2020 12:27:18 (0) (0)
no, datacenter switches are different  
SidzHuawei Reply umaryaqub  Created Apr 18, 2020 18:04:07 (0) (0)
In what way?  
umaryaqub Reply SidzHuawei  Created Apr 19, 2020 06:42:19 (0) (0)
fixed configuration Datacenter switches are more or less same but when it comes to chassis, only main chassis is used with number of slots like CE12804 or CE12808 etc  


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