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Cloud Storage System Design

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Dear All,

Today we are going to discuss about Huawei Cloud Storage System Design.

Data Storage Design




Storage Parameter Design






FusionStorage Planning – Deployment

Two deployment modes are available: integrated deployment and separated deployment. Separated deployment is recommended






 FusionStorage Planning – Networking





FusionStorage Planning – Deployment Principles

·        MDC deployment principles

Each storage host reserves 5 GB memory and CPU for one MDC process.

One storage host has a maximum of one MDC process, and every environment has at least three MDC processes.

One MDC can process at most two resource pools, and at most 2000 OSDs concurrently.

In the RAC security level, the MDC must be deployed across cabinets.

·        ZK deployment principles

Three or five ZKs can be started in an environment.

ZK disk deployment:

In the standard integrated USB flash drive scenario, the ZK disk exclusively occupies one disk. By default, slot 12 of the E9000 blade is used.

The ZK disk exclusively occupies one disk and one slot. As a result, the FusionStorage capacity is affected.

ZK disk deployment:

In the cloud platform scenario, the ZK disk and OS occupy the RAID1 disk group and partition 10 of the OS. The total storage space is 50 GB.

The ZK disk cannot be deployed on the host where the management VM is located.

The ZK disk shares the system disk and node storage space with the OS.

·        Resource pool deployment principles

Two copies support at most 96 disks, and three copies support at most 2000 disks. At most 50,000 disks are supported.

The capacity and slot ID of every OSD in the resource pool must be the same.

The OSD may consist of SAS, SATA, and SSD card.

Multiple resource pools

At most 128 resource pools are supported.

A host can belong to at most three resource pools. A single OSD can belong only to a specific resource pool.

The NVDIMM cache can belong only to a resource pool. The SSD cache can belong to multiple resource pools

·        VBS deployment principles

The VBS provides the SCSI interface and the iSCSI interface to external entities.

For the OLTP or OLAP, it is recommended that two VBSs be configured for every host.

In the VMWare interworking scenario, one VBS is deployed on every ESXi host, and multiple paths are configured.

FusionStorage Planning – Host Resource





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