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Cloud services for data storage: recommendations on which cloud to choose for storing files

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Cloud services for data storage: recommendations on which cloud to choose for storing files

Cloud services have firmly entered our lives.

They are used not only in the work of large companies, but also in household activities.
In volumes of remote systems dedicated solely to remote access, hundreds of users store gigabytes of data daily.
Accounting documents, tables with the distribution of income and expenses, as well as photos, videos and other personal files are placed here.

Moreover, most of these structures work on a shareware model, offering users an introductory package provided free of charge.

A person who has become acquainted with a convenient module will, of course, later want to expand the size of the safe provided to him.

Here, all kinds of paid packages, tariff scales, discounts and unique seasonal promotions are included.

Where can I store files on the Internet:

storage of information and data in clouds and cloud services

Traditional methods of placing various digital objects are all kinds of flash drives, hard drives, memory cards, and so on.

They certainly have lists of their own unique benefits.

However, each such device is characterized by one, the main problem.

As soon as such a module is damaged or lost, all the valuable elements stored on it are lost.

That is why in 2021 the technology of remote, remote saving of especially important certificates has become very widespread.

A variety of IT companies have switched to cloud storage for a relatively long time, pulling ordinary users with them.

Synchronization and file sharing services

Today, there are a huge number of platforms on the Internet that allow people to place their own data on virtual electronic servers.

The largest cloud file storage can easily surpass any flash drive and hard drive in terms of functionality.

Its main advantage is the ability to view saved items from any computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Thanks to modern software, anyone can send an object for storage, and then access it literally from another part of the world.

It is not difficult to guess that such an extremely simple and well-implemented mechanism immediately attracted the attention of various large and small companies.

As mentioned earlier, the sector of classical IT technologies reacted especially sensitively to such an invention.

Object cloud storage

The category of the largest and largest platforms designed to accommodate thousands of petabytes of all kinds of data.

According to numerous estimates and studies, these structures now contain about 50% of all content presented on the Internet.

The most important advantage of such developments is the presence of built-in systems for interacting with meta-evidence.

Simply put, it allows you to view documents, videos, projects, and photos without first downloading the items to the user's device.

What is OH used for?

Before starting to sort out the list of the best cloud storage services by rating, it is important to answer the question of why people use such platforms in general.

The direct purpose of such electronic products is the placement of:

  • backups;

  • content for websites;

  • CCTV recordings;

  • video and music;

  • various archives;

  • items of document circulation;

  • game servers and so on.

Simply put, absolutely all files that need reliable protection and opening in a remote, remote format fall under the close attention of the owners of the modules in question.

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