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Cloud General Solution Design

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Dear All,

Today we are going to learn about Cloud General Solution Design.

Functional Architecture of the Huawei Distributed Cloud DC



The distributed cloud DC is logically divided into four layers:


Computing, storage, and network resources of the physical DC Support server, storage, and network devices provided by mainstream vendors. Divide these resources into multiple AZs based on performance, reliability, and networking to meet different service requirements.

Resource pool

Implement computing, storage, network resource pooling. Resource pools are provided by the Huawei FusionSphere in a unified manner. Physical DCs, different vendors' infrastructure, different types of virtual platforms (such as Huawei FusionCompute and VMware vSphere) are all included in the OpenStack framework to form unified resource pools.

Service domain:

Converge resource pools of all physical DCs to form a globally unified resource pool across DCs. Based on this resource pool, provide the resource on demand service.

Typical Cloud Computing Solution Scenarios





Server virtualization:

The FusionSphere server virtualization is based on the Huawei UVP protocol solution. Its main components include FusionCompute, FusionManager, FusionSphere SOI, eBackup, and Ultra VR.

Cloud DC:

OpenStack-based solution. It consists of the OC and SC, takes over the virtualization part (such as FusionCompute and VMWare), and includes the RDS and FusionInsight.

Server virtualization:

a solution that uses the Huawei virtualization software FusionCompute. NFVI: an operator's solution that is based on the OpenStack KVM protocol.

Server Virtualization Solution





FusionCompute is the cloud operating system software. It implements hardware resource virtualization and centralized management of virtual resources, service resources, and user resources. It adopts the virtual computing, virtual storage, and virtual network technologies to complete virtualization of virtual resources, service resources, and user resources. In addition, FusionCompute performs centralized scheduling and management on these virtual resources through a unified interface to reduce the service operation costs, ensure system security and reliability, and help operators and enterprises build a safe, green, and energy-efficient cloud DC.

VSA is a system service VM that provides the virtual firewall and DHCP functions. It is deployed only when the advanced network features of FusionManager are used.


FusionManager performs comprehensive monitoring and management on the cloud computing software and hardware. It implements unified management of the homogeneous, heterogeneous, and VMware virtualization resource pools, unified software/hardware alarm monitoring, and self-help service and process approval. In addition, FusionManager provides O&M management staff with the operation and management portal.

FusionSphere Cloud DC Solution




The FusionSphere infrastructure cloud platform is based on the OpenStack architecture. Functionally, this cloud platform is divided into the OpenStack, FusionCompute, FusionStorage, and FusionNetwork.

OpenStack control node design:

  • Management VM design: including the FusionStorage Manager and FusionManager VM designs

  • Key role and attribute design: including MongoDB, RabbitMQ, fc-nova-compute, host group, and label designs

  • Key parameter design and storage space design

FusionCompute design:

  • including the VRM design, Dom0 design, and user VM design

Non-functional design:

  •  Reliability, performance, security, and backup designs, DNS planning, and clock synchronization solution planning

  • FusionCare design


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