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CE12808 video service freezes, and packet loss occurs during ping test

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Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce you how to deal with the problem that the CE12808 video service freezes, and packet loss occurs during ping test.

Issue Description

The core switch of a hospital is two stacked CE12808s, which are directly stacked by the main control. The main control SIP ports use stack management traffic. The two machine frames have 8 slots and 40G service boards.  The customer reports the service is severely stalled and there is packet loss in the uplink, and the device has a CRC check alarm.


Alarm information


#25694/active/hwIfMonitorCrcErrorRising/Critical/occurredTime:2018-12-25 02:24/-/-/alarmID:0x081300bc/CID=0x80fc04b1:The CRC error is rising. (hwIfMonitorIndex=17305857, hwIfMonitorCrcErrorStatistics=140, hwIfMonitorCrcErrorThreshold=3, hwIfMonitorAllStatistics=12287, hwIfMonitorCrcErrorInterval=10, EntPhysicalName=40GE1/8/0/0)


Dec 25 2018 10:24:46 CE12808-CSS M/1/hwIfMonitorCrcErrorRising_active(l):CID=0x80fc04b1-alarmID=0x081300bc;The CRC error is rising. (hwIfMonitorIndex=17305857, hwIfMonitorCrcErrorStatistics=140, hwIfMonitorCrcErrorThreshold=3, hwIfMonitorAllStatistics=12287, hwIfMonitorCrcErrorInterval=10, EntPhysicalName=40GE1/8/0/0)


Sip1/9/0/0                 up       up        0.07%  0.06%          0          0

Sip1/9/0/1                 up       up        0.07%  0.07%          0          0

Sip1/10/0/0                up       up        0.08%  0.08%          0          0

Sip1/10/0/1                up       up        0.10%  0.07%          0          0

Sip2/9/0/0                 up       up        0.07%  0.10%          0          0

Sip2/9/0/1                 up       up        0.07%  0.07%          0          0

Sip2/10/0/0                up       up        0.08%  0.08%          0          0

Sip2/10/0/1                up       up        0.06%  0.07%          0          0

Stack-Port1/1              up       up        0.01%  0.01%       1661          0

40GE1/8/0/0              up       up        0.01%  0.01%       1661          0

40GE1/8/0/1              up       up        0.01%  0.01%          0          0

40GE1/8/0/4              down     down      0.01%  0.01%          0          0

Stack-Port2/1              up       up        0.01%  0.01%          0          0

40GE2/8/0/0              up       up        0.01%  0.01%          0          0

40GE2/8/0/1              up       up        0.01%  0.01%          0          0



40GE2/8/0/4              down     down      0.01%  0.01%          0          0

Key Process

1. When packet loss occurs, collect traffic statistics on the uplink port of the standby frame and find that the number of sending and receiving packets is equal, and then do the traffic statistics on the main control and find that the number of sending and receiving packets is also the same. So the packet is dropped between two frames.

2. Check the port information and find that the stack port 40G1 / 8/0/0 has a growth error packet and a CRC check error alarm (the other stack port 40G1 / 8/0/1 is normal). So the stack interface is faulty, leading to the services are lost. Shut down the faulty stack port, test the service, transfer the faulty port using modules and stacking cables to 40G1 / 8/0/4 (the other normal interface of this stacking card), and find that the new stacking port has no CRC error, and there is no error packets under the interface.

3. The board interface is faulty and it needs to be replaced.

Root Cause

The 1/8/0/0 interface of the service board is faulty and the network is abnormal.


1. The target is to replace frame 1. Prepare to perform the active / standby switchover. Before the operation, check whether the system backup status is "Ready". If so, run the slave switchover enable command to enable active / standby switchover function. And execute slave switchover command to make frame 2 the master. Then run the display stack command to check whether the switchover is successful. The purpose is to operate as smoothly as possible and to ensure normal services.


2. Check the slot number of the faulty board through the display device. Power off the faulty board through the power off slot + slot number. Replace it after powering off, and then use the power on slot + slot number to replace the board. Power on and wait for the board to register successfully, and restore the corresponding interface cable.

3. Check the stacking status through the display stack, and restore the 4-port stacking cable to the 0-port to see if the error packet on the interface is eliminated. If normal, perform step (1) to restore the active-standby relationship.

Suggestions and conclusions

1. If packet loss occurs, perform ping tests level by level to locate the device where packet loss occurs.

2. If packet loss occurs, perform traffic statistics to locate which device loses packets.

3. After locating the faulty port, perform a switching test to avoid problems that cannot be solved after the board is replaced.

4. Plug and unplug stacking service boards to ensure that the mainframe is normal and equipped with dual main detection to avoid stack splitting affecting services.

If you have any problems, please post them in our Community. We are happy to solve them for you!

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Thanks for sharing!
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Very good, thanks
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