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Cannot configure VLAN termination on the layer 3 interface

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Version:  S5720EI-V200R009C00SPC500



Error occurs when the command dot1q termination vid 101 is configured on the interface g0/0/1.101, and the error message indicates VCMP role error

Corresponding configuration


interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1

 undo portswitch


interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1.101      

 description TO-AR1_GE0/0/1

 ip address

 ospf cost 1000

 ospf authentication-mode hmac-md5 123 cipher %^%#/|{1Tk4>(L6hEX:@a&N::-{pN~uF847fl7Oy}z)W%^%#


interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1      

 description TO-SW1_GE0/0/1

 ip address

 ospf cost 1000

        ospf authentication-mode md5 123 cipher $c$3$5\FbRUrg8PrtdX1RaYaBUz76faHIYrAIlw==


VCMP role error


Check the VCMP status of the switch through command display vcmp status. The result shows the role for the current switch is client in this VCMP management domain.

Besides, through command display vcmp interface brief, we find that the VCMP function for all the switch interfaces are enabled, just as by default.

Role client, as the managed one, would be impacted by the VCMP management action. The client switch, belonging to a specific VCMP domain, would synchronize the VLAN information carried in the VCMP packets sent from the server switch.

Features will be inherited after the interface switched from layer 2 to layer 3, and the VCMP function will be enabled on the sub-interface, in which situation, it conflicts with the VLAN termination.

Root cause

       The VCMP function is not disabled on the sub-interface or the role of the switch is Client in the VCMP management domain, which causes the error occurred when configuring the dot1q termination vid 101.


       Solution 1:

       Configuredot1q termination vid after the VCMP function is disabled on the layer 3 sub-interface.

       interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1.101

vcmp disable

dot1q termination vid 101

Solution 2:

Modify the VCMP role to Silent.

[SW1]vcmp role silent



       The VCMP role of the switch should be modified or the VCMP function should be disable on the layer 3 interfaces before configuring the dot1q termination vid.

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