Brief Introduction of Huawei SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) Board

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SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC), 4xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC), is a SDH service board in Huawei OSN 2500, OSN 3500, OSN 7500 system. You may find the different name about it, like SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC), SSND0SLQ1603, SSN1SLQ16A12, actually it is the same item described.

The SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) is a line board and is available in three functional versions, namely, N1, N2, and N4.The N2SLQ16 is discontinued.

The SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) can be used on the OptiX OSN equipment series to transmit and receive STM-16 optical signals. The SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) converts the received optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) converts the electrical signals sent from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals.


The SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) can be installed in slots 1–4, 15, and 16, in OSN3500 system. In this case, two optical interfaces can be configured. It also can be installed in slots 5–8 and 11–14. In this case, four optical interfaces can be configured.


The feature code of the SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) indicates the type of optical interface.

The feature code of SSN1SLQ1603, SSN2SLQ1603 is 03, that stand for the type of Optical Interface is L-16.1. And the feature code of SSN1SLQ16A12 is 12, and the type of Optical Interface is also L-16.1.

There are some parameters that differ from the series board of SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC), which are: (I-16), its transmission distance is 0~2km; (S-16.1), 2~15km, (L-16.1), 15 to 40km, and (L-16.2), 40 to 80km.


The characteristics of the optical interfaces comply with ITU-T G.957 and ITU-T G.692.

The SSND0SLQ16(L-16.1,LC) supports the CWDM and DWDM colored optical interfaces. The optical interface uses the LC connector. The CWDM optical interface supports the transmission distance of 80 km, and the DWDM optical interface supports the transmission distances of 120 km. 
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