Blade Server E9000 no display in imana and HMM

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login HMM or imana to access blade OS, but there is no signal via remote control,even if using the KVM and there is no disply.but the business is normal. here is the screenshot and version showed:

Blade Server E9000 no display in imana and HMM-1081853-1

Blade Server E9000 no display in imana and HMM-1081853-2

Blade Server E9000 no display in imana and HMM-1081853-3

SMM Version Information:

Uboot    Version        :(U54)2.13

CPLD     Version        :(U1082)103  131211

PCB      Version        :SMMA REV B

FPGA     Version        :(U1049)008  130605

Software Version        :(U54)2.20

IPMI Module Built       :Dec 26 2013 13:15:21


Asi como tambien una versión de poco mas de 1 año de la Imana.



blade1 Version Information:

IPMC               CPU  :SPEAr310

IPMI           Version  :2.0

FPGA           Version  :(U4008)023

CPLD           Version  :(U69)008

BIOS           Version  :(U68)V386

Active iMana   Version  :(U4005)5.19

Active iMana     Built  :22:09:38 Mar 28 2014

Backup iMana   Version  :5.19

Driver         Version  :1.00

Driver           Built  :22:09:48 Mar 28 2014

Uboot          Version  :U-Boot 1.3.8 (Nov 25 2013 - 17:41:09)-SPEAr310

Alarm Information
there is no alarm.
Handling Process

We took a remote session to check the environmnet:

1.check the imana and HMM there is no signal via remote control, even if you enter the

2.login the OS using RDP potocol,we can access and the display is working fine,also OS is working fine.

3.check the server logs and imana alarm, there is no any error happened.

4.we try to CLICK the USB reset key,and the display normally.


Blade Server E9000 no display in imana and HMM-1081853-4

Root Cause

root cause:

when system enter the sleep mode,system will disable the USB interface,that means use enter the 'enter' key to wake up system is not available.

CLICK the USB reset key,to wake up the system.
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