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due to my lack of route reflectors in my backbone, I need the use of bgp additional paths like

or on 
Nokia / alcatel
Platforms Supported  : 7210 SAS-R6, 7210 SAS-M (network mode), 7210 SAS-  X  BGP Add-Path capability allows a BGP router to send   to its BGP peers more than one path for   the same prefix/NLRI. The base BGP standard does not provide for such a capability; if a BGP   router learns multiple paths for the same NLRI, it   selects only one as its best path, and this is   the only path that is allowed to be advertised to B  GP peers. Advertising multiple paths has   several benefits including reduced routing churn an  d faster convergence . The ability to send   and/or receive multiple paths per prefix/NLRI must   be negotiated with a BGP peer during   capability negotiation. This release supports Add-P  ath for MP-iBGP sessions established by the   VPN-IPV4 and VPN-IPV6 routes. It is not supported f  or eBGP sessions (for both IPV4 and   IPv6) and for VPRN PE-CE BGP sessions, LBL-IPv4, IP  v6, VPN-IPv6 and 6PE routes. The   maximum number of paths to send is configurable per   peer and per address family. The actual   set of advertised paths depends on the number available in the RIB-IN, the next-hop diversity   of the paths, BGP route advertisement rules, export   policies and other BGP configuration   options.
Does anybody know, how this feature is called on huawei NE20 Routers or S6720 Switches?
Thanks for your Help
Best regards
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Can you get information here?|9856750|22715517|19896202
description---IP routing----BGP
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