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[Basic] Introduction to FusionAccess Desktop Cloud Solution

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Hello, everyone! Today I will share with you the FusionAccess desktop cloud solution.

The FusionAccess is the Huawei desktop management software. It is used in the FusionCloud Desktop and FusionCloud MiniVDI solutions to manage virtual desktops.

1.  Architecture of FusionAccess desktop cloud solution.


2. Principle of FusionAccess desktop cloud solution.

FusionAccess principle

3. FusionAccess overall architecture.

fusionaccess architecture

4.  FusionAccess Feature.

  • Rich user experience

    As part of the desktop cloud solution, the FusionAccess offers rich user experience:

    • Audio redirection allows virtual desktop applications to use players installed on clients to play audio. Users can enable or disable audio redirection as required.

    • Microphone redirection allows virtual desktop applications to use standard microphones installed on clients to record audio. Users can enable or disable microphone redirection as required.

    • Users can choose appropriate audio quality control policies between VMs and terminals based on the network bandwidth.

    • Access from various terminals

      Users can access virtual desktops from thin clients (TCs) and software clients (SCs) anywhere. Since virtual desktops are delivered to users, IT management is simplified.

    • Peripheral resource usage

      Users can map various ports (such as USB ports, serial ports, and parallel ports) on terminals to virtual desktops so that the virtual desktops can identify and use these devices.

    • Virtual desktops running various operating systems (OSs)

      The FusionAccess provides virtual desktops running Windows XP and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and provisions virtual desktops to users based on user requirements.

    • Video playback

      The FusionAccess supports 480p SD and 720p HD video playback.

    • Audio control

      The FusionAccess provides the following audio control functions:

    • Flash redirection

      Flash technology applies to cartoon and HD video playback. If flash content is decoded on a VM, a large amount of data (maybe over 10 MB) needs to be transmitted between the VM and the client, which deteriorates playback quality.

      If flash redirection is enabled, flash files can be downloaded to clients for playback, which reduces network traffic and improves the response speed.

  • Minimum maintenance costs

    Using the FusionAccess as the desktop management software minimizes IT management costs:

    Rapidly provisions VMs.

    It takes about 10 minutes to create and provision VMs to users. This minimizes IT management time.

    Improves resource utilization:

    • Flexibly adjusts and configures VM specifications (for example, memory size and disk size) based on user requirements.

    • Adds VMs to resource pools, assigns VMs from pools, and reclaims VMs to pools.

    • Hibernates, shuts down, wakes up, and starts VMs in batches as scheduled. Users can hibernate or shut down VMs in idle time segments (for example, at midnight) to reduce power consumption.

Minimizes downtime and improves reliability.

Key desktop management components, such as the IT Adapter (ITA), Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC), and Web Interface (WI) can work in active/standby mode to minimize downtime and improve reliability

High Security

The FusionAccess offers high security:

Virtual desktops are located in a data center, and therefore are not subject to malicious attacks like PCs.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and certificate authentication are used to ensure that only secure clients can access virtual desktops.

Active directory (AD) domain authentication is performed to ensure that only authorized users can log in to virtual desktops.

Each VM has independent virtual CPU (vCPU), memory, disk, and network resources. VMs are separated from each other like PCs. Users can access only allowed VMs.

Information between clients and servers and between internal components of the desktop cloud system is transmitted over SSL. This ensures information transmission security.

All user data is deleted when the FusionAccess safely deletes VMs. This ensures that user data is not stolen or misused.

Thanks for your reading!

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MVE Created Apr 23, 2020 12:31:51

Thanks for sharing!!
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MVE Created Apr 23, 2020 12:49:31

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MVE Created Feb 14, 2022 07:13:26

Very interesting to know, learned
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sabahshahzad Created Feb 16, 2022 16:26:56 (0) (0)
Moderator Author Created Feb 14, 2022 09:38:42

Excellent post. very helpful
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olive.zhao Created Feb 14, 2022 09:52:34 (0) (0)
MVE Author Created Feb 14, 2022 10:05:00

Useful info
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Created Feb 14, 2022 10:51:29

Good share
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olive.zhao Created Feb 16, 2022 01:03:35 (0) (0)
Created Feb 14, 2022 17:32:10

well presented
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Created Feb 15, 2022 03:25:59

Good to see such a solution being available.
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olive.zhao Created Feb 16, 2022 01:03:47 (0) (0)
Created Feb 15, 2022 05:09:19

Good share
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