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ARP detect failure on S5700

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Hello guys, in this post, I'll going to introduce you a case about ARP detect failure on S5700.

Issue Description:

Customer reports one issue: the attribute of the machine seems ok. However, the machine was found it would timeout every 5 mins but could ping again after a few packet drops. Then he has tested on another Huawei switch (same model and version), which has a same result. It displayed the ARP detect failed. 


Handling Process:

Check the cause of offline users on the device. The reason is that the offline time of ARP detection is offline. The online and offline time intervals are 5 minutes. The user offline time and packet loss time are the same....

<Huawei>disp aaa offline-record all
  User name             : 00232486xxxx
  Domain name           : cppm-domain
  User MAC              : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  User access type      : MAC
  User access interface : GigabitEthernet3/0/5
  Qinq vlan/User vlan   : 0/351
  User IP address       :
  User IPV6 address     : -
  User ID               : 343
  User login time       : 2018/03/08 18:50:02
  User offline time     : 2018/03/08 18:54:37
  User offline reason   : ARP detect fail
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transparent.gif Root Cause:

The device is a Layer 2 access switch, and the gateway vlanif is on the upper layer device. Therefore, the source address of the device that sends the probe ARP uses the default of Many terminals do not respond to the ARP packets whose source address is, the device considers that the terminal is offline and deletes the user entry on the device and disables the forwarding permission.

transparent.gif Solution:

Modify the default source address of the device ARP probe packet (requires the corresponding version to support this command)
Run the access-user arp-detect default ip-address command to change the default source IP address to
Examples are as follows:
# Set the default source IP address of offline probe packets to
< HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] access-user arp-detect default ip-address

That's all for it. 

Hope this case could help you to solve the problem. If you guys have any problems, please comment below.


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