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Are cloud services secure and reliable?

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Hello, community members.

In the tide of the information age, Cloud Computing is undoubtedly the storm eye in this tide.

As more and more cloud services come along, huge amounts of data are exchanged and shared on the cloud. 

People cannot help asking questions: Are cloud services secure and reliable?

Today, I will show you the security policies of HUAWEI CLOUD, so that you can safely use cloud services.

Security Threats to Cloud Services

  1. The cloud computing system uses virtualization technology to provide computing resources for a large number of users. Therefore, the virtual management layer becomes a high-risk area for information security.

  2. Cloud computing resources are allocated on-demand, which makes it easier for some malicious users to initiate malicious attacks through the cloud computing system and to trace and isolate these malicious users.

  3. Users access the cloud computing system through the network. Open interfaces also make the cloud computing system vulnerable to attacks from external networks.

  4. Computing resources and data are controlled and managed by cloud computing service providers. Users cannot ensure that data is stolen.

  5. After computing resources or storage space is released, data can be completely destroyed.

  6. Multi-tenant sharing causes data leakage and attack risks.

Based on the threats and challenges faced by cloud computing, Huawei provides the FusionCloud security solution. The FusionCloud infrastructure layer is based on the FusionSphere cloud operating system and its management system ManageOne. FusionSphere virtualizes physical resources into virtual resources, including computing virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization, to form a virtual resource pool. ManageOne is a management system of the virtualization platform. It can manage heterogeneous virtualization platforms, provide data center operation and O M, and display resources and management interfaces in a unified manner.

Cloud infrastructure security refers to the security of cloud operating systems and hypervisors, including virtual resource isolation, data storage security, and network transmission security.

Data storage security

This feature ensures the security and integrity of user data by isolating user data, controlling data access, protecting remaining information, and backing up data.

VM isolation

Resources of different VMs on the same physical machine are isolated, preventing data theft or malicious attacks between VMs and ensuring that VM resources are not affected by peripheral VMs. When using VMs, end users can only access resources (such as hardware, software, and data) of their own VMs, and cannot access resources of other VMs to ensure VM isolation and security.

Network transmission security

Network plane isolation, firewall introduction, and transmission encryption are used to ensure service running and maintenance security.

O&M/operation management security

Security measures for routine O M management are enhanced in terms of account passwords, user rights, logs, and transmission security.

In addition, the system ensures the security of management hosts by repairing web application vulnerabilities, hardening operating systems and databases, installing security patches, and installing antivirus software.

Cloud service security and security as a service

Provides all resources, functions, and performance required by tenants to perform specific security tasks. Tenants can configure, query, and monitor the controllable resources of each tenant as required.

That's all for today. I hope it will be helpful to all of you! i_f21.gif

If you have any other comments or want to know more, please leave a message below to let me know.

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Thank you for sharing this
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thanks for sharing
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