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AR 3G Calls Failed Troubleshooting Procedure Highlighted

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1.Common Causes

This fault is commonly caused by one of the following:

l   The 3G modem is not functioning properly for some reasons such as improper installation of the 3G modem.

l   The SIM card on the 3G modem is not functioning properly. The possible reasons are as follows: the SIM card is not inserted properly; the SIM card needs to be unlocked using PUK; the SIM card is suspended due to arrears.

l   The AR installed with a 3G card is not in the 3G coverage area.

l   The profile is not correctly configured on the 3G modem when a WCDMA network is used.

2.Troubleshooting Flowchart

Figure 1-1 shows the troubleshooting flowchart for 3G calls.

Figure 1-1 Troubleshooting flowchart for 3G calls



3.Troubleshooting Procedure



The AR supports WCDMA and CDMA2000, but does not support TD-SCDMA.

Saving the results of each troubleshooting step is recommended. If troubleshooting fails to correct the fault, you will have a record of your actions to provide Huawei technical support personnel.


                      Step 1    Run the display interface cellular interface-number command.

<Huawei> display interface cellular 0/0/0
Cellular0/0/0 current state : UP                                                
Line protocol current state : UP (spoofing)                                     
Description:HUAWEI, AR Series, Cellular0/0/0 Interface                           
Route Port,The Maximum Transmit Unit is 1500                                    
Internet Address is negotiated,                                
Link layer protocol is PPP                                                       
LCP opened, IPCP opened                                                         
Last physical up time   : 2011-06-08 02:53                                   
Last physical down time : 2011-06-08 02:53                                   
Current system time: 2011-06-08 02:53                                        
USB Modem State: Present                                                        
Last 300 seconds input rate 555 bytes/sec, 4440 bits/sec                        
Last 300 seconds output rate 0 bytes/sec, 0 bits/sec                            
    Input: 87205 bytes                                                          
    Output:6760917 bytes                                                        
    Input bandwidth utilization  : 0.00%                                        
    Output bandwidth utilization : 0.00%   

l   If the Modem State value in the command output is Not present, the 3G modem is not installed properly, and it needs to be reinstalled.

l   The value Present indicates that the 3G modem is functioning properly. Go to step 2.

                      Step 2    Run the display cellular interface-number all command.

If the following information is displayed, the 3G network is available. Go to step 3.

Network Information.                                                             
Current Service Status = Service available                                      
Current Service = Combined                                                       
Packet Service = Attached                                                       
Packet Session Status = Active                                                  
Current Roaming Status = Roaming                                                 
Network Selection Mode = Automatic                                              

If the network is unavailable, for example, the Current Service Status value is No service or Emergency, or the Packet Service value is Detached, perform the following operations:

l   Run the plmn auto command in the 3G modem interface view to set the PLMN selection mode to automatic.

l   For a WCDMA network, run the mode wcdma wcdma-precedence command in the 3G modem interface view. For a CDMA2000 network, run the mode cdma hybrid command in the 3G modem interface view.

                      Step 3    Check whether the SIM card is working properly.

1.      Confirm with the network carrier: ensure that the 3G Internet access service has been enabled and the SIM card does not have arrears.

2.      Run the display cellular interface-number all command.

Command Output


If the following command output is displayed, the SIM card is working properly.

PIN Verification = Disabled      
PIN Status = Ready                     
Number of Retries remaining = 3        
SIM Status = OK      

Go to step 4.

If the following command output is displayed, no PIN code is entered.

PIN Verification = Unknown      
PIN Status = PIN Requirement    
Number of Retries remaining = 3     
SIM Status = Invalid   

Run the  command in the 3G modem interface view.


If incorrect PIN codes are entered three times consecutively, the PIN code is locked. Enter a PUK code to unlock it.

If the following command output is displayed, a PUK code is required.

PIN Verification = Unknown   
PIN Status = PUK Requirement    
Number of Retries remaining = 10    
SIM Status = Invalid 

Run the  command in the 3G modem interface view.

If the following command output is displayed, no SIM card is available on the 3G modem.

PIN Verification = Unknown       
PIN Status = Unknown           
SIM Status = Not insert   

Remove the data card from the 3G modem and insert the SIM card. After the SIM card is installed properly, insert the data card.


The SIM card is not hot swappable.


Wait about 1 minute until the data card completes initialization. If a 3G call still fails, go to step 4.


There are two ways to initiate dialing:

l  Triggered by data traffic: For example, when you attempt to open a web page, data traffic is transmitted to the 3G interface. The 3G interface then triggers dialing.

l  Automatic dialing: If you run the dialer number *99# autodial (WCDMA) or dialer number #777 autodial (CDMA2000) command in the interface view, the system automatically connects to the 3G network.

                      Step 4    Check whether the AR installed with a 3G card is in the 3G coverage area.

Use another 3G device, such as a 3G mobile phone, to check whether the 3G signal is normal.

l   If the 3G mobile phone cannot receive wireless signals, the phone is out of the 3G network coverage area. Check that the Radio Access Network (RAN) is working properly.

l   If the 3G mobile phone successfully makes a call, go to step 5.

                      Step 5    If a WCDMA network is used, check whether the profile is properly configured on the 3G modem.

Run the display cellular interface-number all command. If the following information is displayed, no 3G modem profile is configured. Configure a 3G modem profile on the AR.

Profile Information.                                                             
Profile 1 = UNDEFINED                                                           
* - Default profile                

                      Step 6    Collect the following information and contact technical support personnel.

l   Results of the preceding troubleshooting procedure

l   Configuration files, log files, and alarm files of the AR




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