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Dear all!

Today I'll share with you how to apply for a license and how to upload the license.

The license is the permission that the vendor provides for the user with a specific function, capacity, and duration of a product. 


  1. Before applying for a license, you should make sure the ESN of the device and what control items you will apply firstly!

   2. Apply for ESDP rights.

Table-1 ESDP rights



Permission Application Methods


Guests can download and activate commercial licenses using entitlements and change ESNs using expiration codes.

Customers are assigned guests' permissions after applying for Uniportal accounts at

Huawei employees have guests' permissions when using W3 accounts to access the ESDP.

Enterprise GTS

Enterprise GTS can perform activation, download, ESN change, and maintenance on all commercial licenses and temporary licenses.

A Huawei employee can access the license application website through the Permission Application menu and submits an enterprise GTS permission application.


Same as the permissions of enterprise GTS.

A Huawei employee can access the license application website through the Permission Application menu and submits a TAC permission application.

Channel partner

Channel partners can perform operations such as downloading, activating, and maintaining the commercial licenses of their own contracts and apply for temporary licenses.

If a channel has been authenticated, the channel administrator can log in to the user information management system of the Enterprise BG to apply for enhanced permissions on the license application website for employees.

  • Permission Application by Customers

  1. Enter the license application website URL in the browser address box, and click Register Now on the login page.

  2. Enter related information according to the instructions on the registration page, and log in to the specified mailbox to activate the account.

  • Permission Application by Huawei Employees

  1. Visit, enter the W3 account and password, and click Login.

  2. Click ESDP under Enterprise Products. The home page of the SDP system is displayed.

    If a W3 account is not registered with the SDP, the W3 account has a guest's permissions by default.

  3. Choose Permission Application from the navigation tree on the left to escalate the permission.

  4. Enter the applicant information, validity period, and supervisor information and click Submit. After the supervisor approves the application, the Huawei employee is assigned enterprise GTS' permissions.

  • Permission Application by Channel Partners

    The permissions on the license application website for a common employee of a channel partner must be applied by the Echannel system administrator of the channel partner. For any question, send emails to (for channel partners outside China).

Once ready, you can start applying.

General license application method

  1. Choose License Activation > Entitlement Activation from the navigation tree on the left. The Entitlement Activation page is displayed.

  2. Select one or more entitlement lines.




  3. Bind entitlements to devices (NEs). Enter a device serial number for each activated entitlement. You can directly enter the ESN or click Copy Esn to obtain the ESN of an existing device (NE). Click Next.

    You can bind entitlements to devices (NEs) one by one or in batches. The following figure shows how to bind entitlements to devices (NEs) one by one.

  4. Confirm the activation. If the activation information is correct, click To confirm and activate the license; otherwise, click Back.

  5. Download the license file. If only one entitlement is processed, the message "Activate successfully" is displayed. You can click Download to download the license file or click Return to home page to finish processing.

Another way to apply for the license

  • Contact TEL:400-822-999

  • Contact email:

Loading license


  1. Log in to the web management system.

  2. Choose System > License Information > License Management from the navigation tree.

  3. Click Browse and select the license file.

  4. Click Upload.


  1. Log in to the BMU as the admin user.

  2. Choose System Management > License Maintenance.

  3. Click the Upload License tab.

  4. Select the ECS license file and click OK to upload.

    You can view the license information on the License Information tab page after the license file is uploaded successfully.

  5. Optional: If the BMU is deployed in a two-node cluster, switch to the standby node and perform 1 to 4 to load the license file.


  1. Log in to the OM server as the admin user.

  2. Choose System > Licenses > Upload License.


Uploading the license


  1. Log in to USM web management, the format is https://USM_IP:8444.

  2. Choose System> License to display the License page.

  3. Click Browse on the License page, select the license file for the application, click Upload, wait for 1 minute, refresh the page, the license page will show the validity period and concurrent Number


  • Apply

  1. Log in to the ESDP and choose License Activation > Password Activation.

  2. The password can be found in the license certificate. (The password can be found in the license certificate.)

  3. Read the preceding information, and select I have read the above carefully.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Enter the ESN or click More to select an existing device (NE). Separate multiple ESNs with commas (,), and click Next.

  6. After the activation information is verified, click Confirm Activation.

  7. In the dialog box that is displayed, click Confirm.

    The activation task is submitted, and the Operation Record page is displayed. The task name is Activate License By Password.

  8. Download the license file.

  • Loading

  1. Log in to eSight as a user with administrator rights.

  2. Choose System > System Management > License Management from the main menu.

  3. On the License Management page, click Import License.

  4. Select a license file and click Upload.

  5. Click Apply.

  • If the imported license does not include functional module changes but includes only resource item quantity changes, or the license corresponding to the functional module is added or deleted but eSight does not have the corresponding functional module installed, eSight does not need to be restarted and the imported license takes effect immediately.

  • If the imported license includes functional module changes (licenses of the corresponding functional modules are added or deleted) and eSight has the corresponding functional modules installed, perform an operation in the dialog box that is displayed.

  • If you click Yes, eSight automatically restarts within 1 minute. After eSight restarts, the imported license takes effect and functional modules without licenses are not started.

  • If you click No, eSight does not restart and the license import is terminated. The existing license is still used.

That is what I want to share today, welcome everyone to read and discuss!

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