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[All About Switches] Q&A: How Do I Solve the Problem that Users Cannot Log In to S Series Switches Through the Web System?

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A: You can go throughthe following steps to solve the problem.

Step 1: Check whether the device and client can ping each other.

Access the Windows Command Prompt and run the ping command to check whether the PC and device are reachable to each other. If the system displays "Request time out", the target device is unreachable.
Check whether the physical interface that receives ping packets is blocked. If the physical interface is not blocked, check whether the correct gateway address is configured on the device, and whether the device and PC are on the same network segment. If they are on different network segments, run the ip address ip-address { mask | mask-length } command in the interface view to reconfigure the management IP address of the device in the target network segment.

Step 2: Check whether the HTTPS service is enabled.

By default, the HTTPS IPv4 service is enabled. Run the display this command in the system view to check whether the undo http secure-server enable command configuration exists. If it does, the HTTPS IPv4 service is disabled.
You can run the http secure-server enable  command in the system view to enable the HTTPS IPv4 service.

Step 3: Check whether the number of online web users is at its the maximum.
Run the display http user  command on the device to check whether the number of current online web users has reached 5.
Currently, the device supports a maximum of five concurrent online web users. If an idle user occupies web channel resources, other users may fail to log in. You can run the free http user-id user-id command to force the user offline.

Step 4: Check whether access control is configured for web users on the device.

Run the display this command in the system view to check whether the http acl acl-number command configuration exists. If so, record the value of acl-number.
Run the display acl  acl-number command in any view to check whether the IPv4 address of the web client is denied in the ACL. If so, run the undo rule rule-id command in the ACL view to delete the deny rule. Then, modify the ACL and permit the IPv4 address of the web client.

Step 5: Check whether web user access type is correct.

Run the display this command in the AAA view to check whether the access type of the web user is HTTP. If local-user user-name service-type http exists in the command output, the access type of user-name is HTTP. If local-user user-name service-type http does not exist in the command output, run the local-user user-name service-type http command in the AAA view to set the access type of the web user to HTTP.
For details, see the S Series Switches Configuration Guide - Basic Configuration .     
Step 1: Log in to the enterprise technical support website at
Step 2: Click Switches.

Step 3: Click the name of the product to be queried, for example, S7700.

Step 4: Choose Documentation> S7700 V200R010C00 Configuration Guide

Step 5: Click S7700&S9700 V200R010C00 Configuration Guide - Basic Configuration.

Step 6: Open the Configuration Guide - Basic Configuration. Choose Web System Login Configuration> Common Web System Login MisconfigurationsWeb System Login Failure in the navigation tree on the left, and follow the instructions.
S7700&S9700 V200R010C00 Configuration Guide - Basic Configuration|21782164|21782186|22318632|6805481

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