Alarm Reported for Network Instability

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【Problem Description】:

ALM-37004 Asynchronous or Disconnected Active and Standby DataNode Nodes is reported and automatically cleared.

【Applicable Version】

FusionInsight V100R002C70*

FusionInsight V100R002C80*

【Problem Analysis】:

Collect alarm and log information. According to the logs, the network was abnormal when the alarm was triggered. This information and the alarm description in product documentation are sent to the frontline engineers.

Management plane





Alarm description in product documentation



Locate the alarm cause.

Step 1      Check whether the primary DN and its standby DN in the cluster are faulty.

Step 2      Check whether the network of the hosts where the primary and standby DNs are deployed is normal. For example, if the NIC used by the host where the primary or standby DN is deployed is eth0, run the following command to check whether the network is normal:

/sbin/ifconfig eth0

Step 3      Check whether the alarm persists.

If it does, go to Step 4.

If it does not, no further operation is required.

Step 4      On the FusionInsight Manager, choose System > Log Download.

Step 5      Select MPPDB from the Services drop-down list box and click OK.

Step 6      Set Start Time for log collection to 1 hour ahead of the alarm generation time and End Time to 1 hour behind the alarm generation time and click Download.

  Step 7      Contact technical support and send the collected fault logs.

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