'Alarm guidance cannot be handled' on uncontrolled VGPU devices

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This post is about the issue of 'Alarm guidance cannot be handled' on uncontrolled VGPU devices.

Problem description

An uncontrolled VGPU device is reported by the FC monitoring alarm and the uncontrolled device cannot be cleared according to the alarm guide.


Deleted the uncontrolled device according to step 8 in the alarm guide, but the device cannot be deleted.

Queried the path where the VGPU device was located.

Execute the following command: virsh nodedev-dumpxml mdev_vgpuName

Got the value of path as VGPU directory vgpuPath, execute the following command to delete the VGPU device: echo 1>vgpuPath/remove. Execute the following command to check whether the device has been deleted: virsh nodedev-list –cap mdev|grep vgpuName. Check whether there is an echo after the command is executed.

Problem analysis

1. The dmesg log indicates the VGPU device deletion fails.


2. The host is executed to view the usage of VGPU device of the virtual machine:

virsh list

virsh dumpxml vm_ID | grep –i uuid


A message indicating that the plug-in cannot be detected is displayed when a user performs operations such as mounting a CD-ROM drive on the portal.

Problem description

Perform the installation of the CD-ROM drive and it will prompt 'Unable to detect the plugin'.


Alarm information


Problem analysis

1. The plug-in process is started viewed in the Windows Task Manager.


2. The Windows command line shows that the port number is up.


3.  View the log of tomcat under vrmportal.Make a note of the access IP, which is in this example.


4. Check whether the IP address of the local PC is the same as that recorded in the Tomcat log.


5.  Confirm that the router passing between the local PC and the VRM is configured with IP address translation, and the IP of the PC is converted into a public IP, which prevents the VRM from communicating with the PC.

Root cause

The router that passes between the local PC and the VRM is configured with IP address translation, which converts the PC's IP to a public IP, causing the VRM to fail to communicate with the PC.

Solution description

Cancel the IP address translation.


3. The query results show that virtual machine 143 is using the uncontrolled VGPU device in the alarm.

Root cause

The virtual machine is running and it is not allowed to delete the VGPU device.

Solution description

Shut down the virtual machine and it can be processed normally according to the alarm guidance. 

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