Advantages and Disadvantages of IPSec

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Hello, today I will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of IPSec.


l  IPSec is irrelevant to applications, Therefore, IPSec VPN clients support all IP layer protocols. IPSec is applied to the transport layer and is transparent to applications. When IPSec is installed on a router or firewall, you do not need to change the software settings in the user or server system. Even if IPSec is performed in the terminal system, upper-layer software is not affected.

l  In the IPSec technology, the technologies used by the client-to-site, the site-to-site and the client-to-client connection are the same.

l  The IPSec VPN has high security performance. Because the IPSec protocol works at the network layer, not only all network channels are encrypted, but also when users access all enterprise resources, just as they are directly connected to the enterprise network through the private line. IPSec not only encrypts the small part of the channel being communicated, but also encrypts all channels. In addition, IPSec VPN also requires proper installation and configuration of IPSec client software and access devices on remote access clients, which greatly increases the security level because the access is restricted by specific access devices, software clients, user authentication mechanisms, and predefined security rules.


l  The communication performance of the IPSec VPN is low. Because IPSec VPN is relatively high in security, it affects its communication performance.

l  The IPSec VPN requires client software. In the IPSec VPN, you need to install special client software for each client to replace or add the TCP/IP stack of the customer system. In many systems, this may lead to a risk of compatibility issues with other system software. Currently, there is no consistent standard for the compatibility of the IPSec protocol. Almost all IPSec client software is exclusive and cannot be compatible with others.

l  NAT and firewall traversal are not easy to solve. IPSec VPN products do not solve complex remote access problems, including network address translation, firewall traversal, and broadband access. For example, if a user has installed an IPSec client but cannot access the Internet within another company's network, IPSec will be blocked by the firewall of the company unless the user negotiates with the network administrator of the company to open another port on the firewall.

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