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Active/Standby Switchover of the HMasters Fails

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Hello, everyone!

Do you know how to solve the HMaster active/standby switchover failure? Don't worry, the post will share with you.


During active/standby switchover of HMasters, the standby HMaster fails to become active in 10 minutes. In this case, both HMasters are standby, and the following information is generated in the run log of the HMaster:

2015-11-23 08:48:47,643 | INFO  | MASTER_SERVER_OPERATIONS-linux-174:21300-3 | Skip assigning region in transition on other 
server{7630007b8b816b171535a056ae828fcf state=CLOSED, ts=1448239727400, server=linux-223,21302,1448101490432} | 

Possible Causes

Services are running during the startup process, which results in an increase in the Region. The increase in the Region triggers the Region split operation, which divides a Region into multiple Regions. When the new HMaster goes online, the RegionServer registered by meta region on the ZooKeeper needs to be re-allocated and the metatable needs to be re-loaded. The HMaster checks the Region status on all RegionServers and places the Regions online. Then the HMaster performs the OFFLINE > PENDING_OPEN > OPENING > OPEN process and executes the split tasks that have not been completed. If there is a large number of Regions, the time required for placing them online is long. If the time exceeds the value specified by hbase.master.initializationmonitor.timeout, the HMaster expected to become active will fail to go online, resulting in an active/standby switchover failure.


1. On FusionInsight Manager, click Services HBase Service Configuration, set Type to All. Search and modify the value of hbase.master.initializationmonitor.timeout .

 2. Click Services > HBase > Instances, select the HMaster instances and choose More Actions > Restart instance. Restart the HMaster instances.

That's all, thanks!

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Admin Created Dec 24, 2021 01:23:29

Thanks for your sharing!
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Admin Created Mar 11, 2022 09:30:36

I find a post about introducing the HMasters

The HMaster in the HBase allocates regions; migrates the corresponding meta from a failed region server to another region server. The HMaster HA feature is brought in to prevent HBase functions from being affected by the HMaster SPOF.

[FI Components] HMaster HA feature

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